August 5, 2010

How to Crochet Dog Clothes

Clothing a pet has become a popular activity for owners. Crochet hats, sweaters and coats are practical for small dogs that tend to become cold when they go outdoors, particularly the very young and older pets. You can crochet dog clothes for your pets by following simple patterns that can be found in books, magazines and at on-line sources.
1.     Measure and record the length of your dog from the base of his neck to the base of the tail. Also measure the circumference of the neck, around the widest point of the belly, the chest and the hip area.

2.     Step 2

Read the crochet pattern to be sure you understand the directions. Choose the correct size crochet hook and start the beginning chain according to the pattern directions.

3.     Step 3

Crochet a few rows, measure to make sure that you have the correct gauge. This is the number of stitches per inch as directed by the pattern instructions.

4.     Step 4

Crochet the pattern row by row. Count the stitches in each row to be sure you have a correct count.

5.     Step 5

Check to see if the garment is going to fit your dog when it is one-third to one-half completed. Measure it and compare the numbers to the dog's measurements. Add additional rows if the length is going to be too short. Remove stitches if the garment is too long for her.

6.     Step 6

Finish the garment according to the directions. Use a darning needle with yarn if any portion has to be sewn together.


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